Lumiere推出了新的sample kit只要0.01美元,不過好像是用袋子裝的.




Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics - Newsletter
November 10th, 2008:


We have recently updated our entire site!  We wanted to make our site more customer friendly and informative, some of the new changes you will see are:


All of the products are categorized into color groups, we hope this will make it easier on our customers that are searching for certain colors/products such as "pink blushes" -  

We also have made other color suggestions in the foundation descriptions, so you will now know what blushes, enhancers and finishing powder colors we recommend for your skin shade/tone.

 In the foundations, we have also included a picture of a woman that would wear that particular foundation shade - again, we are hoping to make this as easy as possible for you to shop with us - as always though, if you are still unsure, please email us - we will be happy to assist you further. 

 We have a great new "Daily Special" - 5 loose mineral (your choice) sample baggies for only $.01! (only 1 per order)  This is to help those of you needing to test out colors - you can reorder this as well!

Our name has changed, well, more like evolved again! lol - instead of Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics, we are now - Lumiere Skin & Beauty Bar!  We wanted a name that better describes us as we are looking to expand into much, much, more than just cosmetics!  Soon we will be adding our natural face, body & bath products - most all will be custom scented!  We also have a few cosmetic products we hope to get launched soon as well including : Kiss Twists (twist up lip liner/stick pencils), Lip Scrub, Color Correctors,  and the MUCH anticipated pressed minerals (these are our own products, pressed with natural ingredients - NOT private label products that you see on many other sites) - I hope to get these launched by January, if I can pull it off sooner - I will :)

 And lastly, we are doing things a bit different around here!  We have ditched our old packaging (can I hear cheers?? :)  to try out a new idea!  We are now offering all of our loose minerals in recyclable vials - these are pharmaceutical grade and heavy duty.  I really think you are going to love this idea, I have been using mine for months now and just love the quick and easiness of them - no fussing with lids & messy sifters - your minerals are EASILY identified, they are more compact and stay clean.......FINALLY!

 We are offering our old style 30 gram jars for those that REALLY cannot live without a jar, these come with SOLID BLACK CAPS (NOT the window tops) in the "Tools" category if you are interested in filling them with your vials - We do have a couple of products on the way (should be here early next month) - They are bowls with screw top lids, these are AWESOME for mixing, and wonderful because you can close the lid tightly on and travel anywhere with them!  They will come in 3 sizes -   The other product on the way is sorta "TOP SECRET" but, I think that you girls are going to go gaga over it & of course ANY loose minerals can be used (we hope its Lumiere of course though ;)   we expect that to be here by the 1st of the year.    

Prices are cut and more sizing options are available!  We now can offer blushes in 3 sizes, so for those of you wanting us to bring back the smaller blushes - your wish has come true!  

Eye shadows are being offered in 2 sizes, 2 gram and 1 gram vials - BOTH at a great price!

 **PRE-BUY UPDATE:  We are still waiting on our samples, once we have received and accepted them, we will get those up on the site - I do not have any other info on this at this time - I do promise to keep you all updated as soon as I get them though!

I MUST give a special Thanks to Kim Nyugen - She has done all the new product photos and swatches - They are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING - everything is so easy to see as she has made a "wet & dry" swatch for most every color!  (not all are up, please be patient with me as I do this over the next few days)


Please report any glitches or misprints you see, I would greatly appreciate your help in making sure the site is 100% accurate!


Thank you to all of my wonderful, patient and loyal customers and friends!  I am very blessed that you were so supportive through our closing - My mother is doing MUCH better and will hopefully be at work tomorrow!  YAY!!!

And lastly, a reopening wouldn't be great without a sale, right?  so from now till the end of the Month of November, enjoy 20% off your order!  

Discount Code:  HAPPY

**$10.00 minimum and not vaild with any other discount code - thank you for understanding :) 


Kim :)

Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics
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  • 你好~對於你介紹的Lumiere很感興趣耶~
  • 如果你想辦的話

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  • 我決定要訂來用用看了~^^


  • 是的,皮膚乾的人建議用Lumiere或joppa 的simple radiance

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  • 糖糖~~
  • Lumiere代購訊息














    that`s all~~
  • 其實自己找親朋好友湊一湊比較划算啦

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  • 您好 我看了您的部落格好一陣子了 最近也對礦彩著了迷 也跑去訂了lumiere的sample baggie(只是還沒到)和 everyday mineral, 很想要把各家礦彩的sample kit都訂一輪 -__-!

    我現在人在美國 12月會回台灣 其實我可以代買省國際運費啦

    這樣感覺好像廣告文 :(
  • 哈哈,你說的可不就是我嗎


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  • JOPPA現在的sample要兩塊 所以我就沒定 結果又手滑跑去Lumiere訂了一次18元的kit 和 $0.01的sample,想說八折~~~
  • Joppa的clearance裡面有便宜貨可以撿喔^^

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  • 糖糖~~*
  • i.d. bare Minerals是"純礦彩"嗎?

    請問i.d. bare Minerals的礦彩算是純礦彩嗎??最近聽說i.d的很好用ㄝ...但我比較放心用edm or lumiere,純礦彩讓我痘痘復發的機會大大降低了唷~!!^^
  • 我不知道成分沒辦法說喔

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  • 花花大大的留言~~

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  • To 糖糖
    我還是可以幫忙代購 只是我12/8早上的飛機回台灣 這星期又是感恩節 所以郵寄業務整個停擺了
    要訂的話 可能要用priority寄到我家(我才有可能下星期收到) 這樣運費官網上好像是寫$6.00 所以跟妳直接從官網訂寄到台灣的價錢好像差不多喔(5(慢)~12(快)塊),只是我幫忙帶回去可能會比較早到啦 
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  • 我也好想要LM噢!請問花花可不可以幫我買呀?因為我不會用國際運送...

    (順便請問一下..請問LM和EDM的試用品索取是結束了嗎?因為點以前文章的網誌進去都沒了>"< )
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  • 試用品索取都還有啊 Lumiere在daily special的地方
    EDM的在custome kits下面 http://0rz.tw/774Iu
    EDM出貨速度比較快 如果真的要我幫忙買 也需要用$5.85的美國國內運費喔 因為我只剩下一星期就要回台灣啦
  • 謝謝花花的幫忙代答^^

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  • 忘了留下我的email 如果妳真的很想我幫妳買EDM 而且覺得5.85的運費OK 就回信給我吧 點左上角的小信封(不幫忙買lumiere 因為他們出貨速度太賣 我一定來不及收到)
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  • 給花花大大~~~

    請問真的可以幫我代購嗎???那我給您我要買的東西(之前清單就列好了說.....)請您告訴我含運費是多少錢(我是暫用34塊去算,若不對請告訴我)列 分類 產品 粉質 SIZE 美金 台幣 國際運費 郵資
    Ditto by Lumiere Ditto eye color Ditto 06   sample $2.50 $85.00  
    Eye pigments prismatics prismatic pink   sample $2.50 $85.00  
    Eye pigments purple Butterfly Blue   sample $2.50 $85.00  
    Face base foundation Neutral- light Luminesse trial $4.00 $136.00  
    Face base foundation Gloden- light Luminesse big $15.00 $510.00  
    如果運費只要6.00美金(我知道還有台灣的運費 幾十塊錢)比我跟賣家代購便宜很多很多.....我如果湊滿5個SIMPLE請問可以用0.01美金的方式買嗎??那就真的便宜很多很多了....... 您可以幫我代購我真的很感激.....等您的消息謝謝~!!
  • 你直接寄去花花的信箱應該會比寫在這邊快喔

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  • 其實你可以找專膱的美國代購(咕狗一下應該找的到)

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